Ever dreamt of rolling into a casino and sitting down at one of the blackjack tables in order to win big time but you never got round to learn the game as you thought it was too complicated? Well, in this article we will teach you the basics – the fact is that blackjack isn’t a hard game to learn at all!

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular casino games around today, and is played by millions of people around the world. Blackjack is quite an easy game to pick up on, and it offers a lot of entertainment, but if you are just getting started with this fun game, you should make sure to learn the fundamentals and the basic rules of the game before you decide to battle it out with a dealer, be it at a real casino or at an online casino, if you want to do so with the intention of winning money.

Therefore, I have created a quick guide which explains how the game of blackjack actually works. This is not meant to be a big complicated strategy guide, but rather something that will get the beginner started. If you would like to try the game out before you start playing for real money, many casinos offer free games, meaning you won’t have to risk any of your own money in the beginning. Let’s get started!

For the complete beginner, the most important thing to remember, is the basic concept of Blackjack. In order for you to win a game, your card hand should be as close to 21 without going over that value, and it must also be stronger than the hand the dealer is given.

The basic principle of the game is the following. First of all the players are dealt two cards each, and the dealer is given one card face up and one card face down. You will then decide wether you want to hit or stand. A hit means that the dealer will give you another card, and to stand means that you are happy with the hand that you were given. The cards are valued in accordance with the numbers, and the face cards are all valued at 10. An Ace can be either a 10 or a 1.

When deciding to hit or stand, you should look at the value of your hand. The lower your hand value is, the more sense it makes to hit. The goal is, as stated above, to get a hand that’s as close to 21 as possible, without going over that value. A good general rule is to hit if your starting hand is 15 or less.

One thing that will really help you in your blackjack playing, is to download a blackjack chart which shows you how to act in pretty much any given situation at the blackjack table. You can find blackjack charts at various gaming portals on the internet – Just have a quick search on Google and you’ll find one.

Another important tip, is to make sure that you check what type of blackjack you are playing. Many casinos offers several variations of blackjack. The basic rules are always the same – you always try to get 21 and beat the dealer, but every variation has certain special rules which can determine for example how the dealer must act in a specific situation, or giving you certain options in other situations.